Sunday, July 26, 2015

Speedos & the Restoration

Buna Ziua,
My friends Constanta is HOT!! So HOT! I have the strangest tan lines I have ever experienced in my entire in life and I have decided that I can only live in places with dry heat, we walk outside everyday and it feels like we are hitting a wall of wet heat it is the wierdest thing BUT I LOVE IT!!! I love it in the sense that we still walk outside everyday, and people are outside and if people are outside we got stuff to do! 
This week started out way fun we headed to Alexandru's with Steve and the district for family home evening. We had a barbeque and we showed them how to make hamburgers and s'mores. When Alexandru took a bite of his s'more his face was PRICELESS! He proceeded to have like 4 more it was awesome. Also, fun little story about me putting my foot in my mouth. Steve picked us up to drive out there and I was the last one in the car because Sora Armstrong and I had been talking to someone so we get in the car and Steve is like quick quick let's go. So I just hop in and then I realize the elders are not in the car with us. I am kinda freaking out because we are not supposed to drive with guys alone but Sora T is like they just disappeared. So I start calling them and they start texting me all these cryptic messages like "we don't if we can come" "we will call and explain later" So then I say man I do not how those two get anything done, they are so crazy, they just run around all the time. Everyone starts cracking up and Sora T is like "Stop, just stop talking" and I'm like "no for real like where on earth are they what is going on?"  Then we get Alexandru's and Sora T says hey Sora Armstrong will you come back here and let us know what we need, so I walk to back of the car and out pops the elders....... they had been hiding in the back THE WHOLE TIME. Steve played me good. 
Then at Alexandru's we had a testimony meeting for Family Home Evening and the spirit was THERE. It was so cool! Hearing Steve and Alexandru bear their testimonies was so beautiful, they are both so incredible. Then as we were leaving Steve said Alexandru on Sunday will you do me a favor? Alexandru just looked at him and Steve said in priesthood when President Olteanu asks for volunteers to bless the Sacrament will you sit next to me so that we can raise our hands together and then bless it together? It was the CUTEST thing ever!!!!! Alexandru said yes of course and THEY DID! Yesterday they blessed the sacrament, seeing Alexandru exercise that authority of God and knowing of all he had to overcome to receive it bore testimony to me that the atonement is REAL! Christ suffered in the garden of Gethsemane so that we could be rinsed clean of sin, so that we could become perfect beings, wow is that amazing! 
This week we did some solid English contacting and we are hoping to meet some cool new people on Tuesday. We also went out and saw Alesea again she is doing well she decided on the end of August for her baptism because she will not have time off from work until then which we understand. While we were finishing our lesson with her this guy in a speedo walked up and was like what message to have for me, personally? I started to give the simple reply of we are volunteers here but then a voice in my head was like "NO be bold!" So I said we are here to tell you that the church that Christ established on this earth has now been restored again. We then taught him the entire restoration lesson. It was SO COOL! Sora Armstrong bore testimony and found some great scriptures to share. Fratele Ciurdea then bore testimony to him of the Book of Mormon. The man wanted to know more but unfortunately lives in Brasov and did not have a phone number to give us because he was in his speedo so he did not have his phone on him. BUT just having the opportunity to share the story of the restoration is such a blessing. I have really dove into it this week in my studies and wow is it INCREDIBLE!! 
I hope none of you are dying of heat in your respective locations, please know that I love you, I love this gospel, it changes lives, I promise! 
Life is good,
Sora Armstrong

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