Saturday, July 11, 2015

Happy 4th!!!!

The past couple of days have been INSANE. I am currently in Bucharest I have been here since yesterday morning, Sora Mits and I caught a 5:30 AM train on Sunday to get here in time for her to fly to Chisnau to work on some visa stuff. Saying goodbye was not fun and now I have been dealing with separation anxiety. The past two transfers I have been constantly looking out for my girl, then all the sudden I had to put her on a plane to head to Moldova ALONE!!!! I was not excited about it. SO now I am chilling with Sora Marcheschi and Sora Spangler waiting for trainer's training to start. That's right I AM TRAINING AGAIN!!!!! I am so pumped. It is such an honor to have the opportunity to bring these incredible new missionaries into this INCREDIBLE country. To be a 100% honest I do not feel qualified for this but I am excited all the same. I figure as long as I am involving the Lord in everything he won't let me fail. 
My Fourth was AWESOME!!!!!! I woke up and was so excited and Sora Mits did not quite understand my excitement so I explained it to her by saying "America just wins at everything" which probably is not 100% true nor is it very politically correct but what can I say I'm a patriot. Anyway I spent my Fourth with the COOLEST peeps in Romania. We taught our English class how to make s'mores then we headed out to Eforie and had a BBQ. Steve hooked us up with a bunch of American stuff from the base INCLUDING PACE SALSA, it was a dream come true. We teamed up with the elders and made homemade burgers which everyone loved. Oh yeah so the peeps were some Nigerians including my girl Mercy and then Alesea a Moldovan and then Fratele Ciurdea's family who are all Romanian it was the sickest group of humans and watching everyone mix was so much fun. Even though they didn't speak the same language we all fun together. We got a dance circle going, sang along to Sora Treba's gutair, threw the football and Alesea who randomly mentioned that she was European champion wrestler taught me some wrestling moves. So watch out Luke and Owie I am Russian trained now! It was just such a fun day full of awesome conversations. The Fourth is my fav holiday in the states because of how we all get together so I was worried I was going to be missing you guys hard core and I did but I realized I am surrounded by INCREDIBLE people right now where I am at and I need to take full advantage of that. 
This week we got to teach a lot of restoration lessons which I LOVE. I want to bear my testimony that I know that this GOSPEL is TRUE, we often say this church is true, and I realized this week that we aren't teaching people about this church we are teaching about the RESTORED gospel of Jesus Christ. That same authority that our Savior established on the Earth when He lived is here AGAIN. We can experience the joys of it in our everyday life. As long as we will just read from the Book of Mormon and center our lives around his. I LOVE this gospel. It is TRUE. Our Father in Heaven loves us and knows us. If you want to know this for yourself JUST ASK!!
I hope everyone had an incredible week and I hope you all continue to look for THE ONE. Use your talents to better the lives of others. You are all incredible!
Sanatate (Health)
Sora Armstrong
                                                                     Dance Circle

                                                              Happy 4th of July!!!!

                                                             Caught in a rain storm


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