Sunday, July 5, 2015

Sharing The layup at a time

This week was a little bit slower for us. People just keep disappearing. It's like one week we meet all these incredible people and we expect to have 15 lessons and the in Satan gets in there and is like "nope not happening" But that's okay, it means we get to go meet lots of new friends. This week we said goodbye to Sora Georgetta, we took her to lunch as a thank you for all that she has done for us. Sora Georgetta has changed the course of my life. Her enduring faith has given me a vision of the type of member, friend, mom, and woman that I want to become. She expressed her desire to go serve a mission in the temple after she finishes working in Italy. I think that will make her Romania's first senior missionary! Sora Georgeta just gets the Gospel, she understands the principal of sacrifice and she has trust that whatever sacrifice she makes will be repaid a 100 fold. The friendship of Sora  Georgeta has been one of the biggest blessings in my life and I plan on keeping the friendship going.
Alexandru her son is doing well. He wants to play an active part in this branch but he is also working a lot. This week I think we are going to talk about the importance of keeping this gospel our number one priority. We are also going to invite him to come contacting with us for the 'Meet the Mormons' movie project, so I am really excited about that.
We did not get top meet with Mercy this week, she had exams, but we did keep in contact with her through phone. She is planning teaching us the Restoration this week using Preach My Gospel and has been filling out information for temple work for her parents!
We also got to meet with Alesea this week, she expressed doubts about baptism, we were a little discouraged because she used to be so excited about it, but she expressed a desire to go to the temple still. So, we told her we have 5 lessons for her and if she will continue to read from the Book of Mormon, she will know what to do. She said of course and Fratele Ciordea bore his testimony of the power of the Holy Ghost which was really cool to hear.
We made three new friends. These two Romanian women interested in 30/30s. We were very clear in our purpose and they were almost excited to hear about we believe which was really cool. We also began teaching a Nigerian. He is a friend of Anca Ghiman's and she invited him to the lesson.
Things are happening here in Constanta. The district has committed to complete obedience, it is a process to get there but we are holding each other accountable and going to work. I have seen the power that comes from a district of 100 percent obedience so we are really pushing for that, Constanta deserves it.
Sora Mits is booming in the language, it just exploded this week which was really cool to see. I have really been trying to keep her involved in lessons, making sure she understands and that she has the opportunity to bear testimony. We decided to make goals together for the rest of our missions. She is pretty incredible and I know that she will be an incredible force for good here in Romania.
Another super fun thing was in English I mentioned I loved playing basketball. One of our students said she liked it too which is pretty rare in Romania because girls don't really play sports and it drives me nuts. So we set up a time to go play. While we were playing, this 7 year old girl asked if she could play. I am pretty sure I just met the Romanian version of myself. Let me just tell you how it started it, she walked up to me took the ball said okay you three against me, Play! Then she ran down the court made a layup and said 1 to 0. I was like oh my goodness it is me! haha I quickly showed her that is a lot better to play with a team by scoring the next three points. haha It was so much fun! Her name is Sonya and she commanded us to come back and play again, so we will. (she used the command form in Romanian) We also got to share our purpose here as missionaries with Sonya's grandma and with our English student and set up a lesson with our English student! Basketball works miracles!
That's our week for you, it was slow but this week. We are going hard on the 'Meet the Mormons' movie contacting and we are looking forward to meeting a lot of new friends. I love this branch! It is ready to grow. Our sacrament numbers were very low yesterday but what was cool was that the members were fired up about it. Sora Ghiman was calling people to find out where they were, President Olteanu gave us people he wanted us to go visit. They are not willing to settle, they are pushing against the resistance and it is so cool to see!
I have been thinking a lot about "Good, Better, Best" this week. I think a lot of times we get to the level of "Better" and we decide to just chill out a little bit but that is not an option. We need to push, sometimes figuring out how to push ourselves to that next level is the hardest part. This week don't settle for Better, push for Best. Rely on the Lord to do it!
Sora Armstrong

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