Sunday, August 2, 2015


Asculta-ma oameni
Another week of miracles here in Constanta! We finally got a baptismal date for Alesea! It is in about a month but that is good because she will have time to prepare herself and to strengthen her testimony. We are striving to keep the spirit strong in each of our lessons. Alesea's testimony of the Book of Mormon has really grown she has such a thirst for knowledge and Fratele Ciurdea told us that whenever she is not busy she sits and she reads. She is very aware of the spirit that she feels when she reads it. I love how each person we teach develops such a unique testimony about certain aspects of the gospel. One thing the Lord continues to teach me is that He has his own time for everything. Alesea is so much more prepared now than she was when we first started talking.
Another miracle this week was Liviu. He is a friend of Sora Ghiman's who is going through some really tough family stuff. She being the incredible member missionary that she is invited him to our Pioneer day activity and we invited him to church, he came we had a lesson afterwards with Sora Ghiman she gave him every single pamphlet to read. We met with him yesterday with Gabi Petcu who is another incredible member missionary and Liviu had read every single pamphlet! We taught him the Gospel of Jesus Christ and invited him to be baptized. He said he knows it is a serious decision and he wants to make the right one and that he feels really good with us. I am so excited for him! He is a builder there is no doubt about that. He is just one of those guys that loves everyone and we can just feel it.
Another miracle of the week was the fact that we MADE OUR TRAIN. We had a train that left for Bucharest at 530 in the morning so we set three different alarms to get up at 4 then the elders call at 5 to let us know that they are on their way to the Gara (train station) I answer the phone out of my sleep and I am like "yeah we will be there in 5" then I just start yelling GET UP!!! Sora Armstrong like flipped out off her bed, I busted into Sora Trebas and green's room turn on the lights I am pretty sure Sora Green fell off her bed too and I'm just it's 5 we gotta go NOW!!! So we call a taxi and as we are getting in I tell him you have 10 minutes to get us to the Gara I thought I was in fast and the furious but WE MADE IT!!! Considering the fact that last we woke up at 4am and still missed our train I think we are just going to make this 5 o'clock thing the norm now.
We headed down to Bucharest for Zone Conference and it WAS SO GREAT! The Ridds came and spoke to us. He was just released from the Young Men's general presidency NBD. Wow they are a cool couple. He talked all about finding, teaching, and baptizing. He encouraged us to be bold and told us a story about when he and his companion walked into a church on his mission and told them that were messengers from God sent to teach them about his Gospel. I imagined me and Sora Armstrong walking into one of the giant orthodox churches and saying that, so if you don't get an email from us next week we might be in jail for disturbing the peace or something. I am joking... kind of. He also talked about Real Intent, about being where you are when you are there. I LOVE that. I have really been working on that lately and it has made a huge difference. When we decide to be 100% present in the situation we are in, our ability to communicate with the spirit is so much stronger, we are able to feel so much more love for the people we are interacting with and we are happier. 
That is the most simple part of the gospel I think: When we apply it's principals we are happier. My friends, family, homies strive to apply the principles of the gospel in your life. Be kind, look to serve, study your scriptures and you will be HAPPIER. That is my simple testimony of the week.I love you guys so much, I am so blessed to have so many amazing people in my life. Whether it is the friends I have made here in Romania or those back at home that loved me for me you all mean so much. I love hearing from you and if you take the time to read this you are one of the true homies!! 
Va Iubesc!
Sora Armstrong the Elder
                                         Brittany, Soras, and friends reenacting Abbey Road

                                         Brittany made the MissionPics Instagram page

Here is a beautiful view from Constanta, Romania

Randall Ridd & his wife visited Bucharest!!! Brother Ridd
served in the General Young Men's Presidency

Brittany with other Trainers & Trainees in Bucharest, Romania

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