Sunday, July 5, 2015

"Meet the Peeps"

Ce faci? Cum e viata? Cum e vara? Life is sweet here on this side of the planet. Every time we see someone they ask us if we have gone to the beach because we just keep getting tanner and tanner so that is fun. Summer is beautiful here, the days are long and people are outside so it is awesome for contacting. Speaking of contacting. We did a ton of it for the "Meet the Mormons" film project this week. One day we were at a park and I saw this lady just sitting in the grass with her dog. I thought how sick would it be if I just walked up to her sat down and had a conversation? Then I thought wait I am a missionary why can't I do that? SO I walked over to her and sat down. We had a sick conversation right there in the grass about life and she complimented my Romanian which always feels good. I begin my email with that experience because I think it explains how cool being a missionary is! Having this tag allows me to just through all the social rules about talking to strangers and about keeping to myself out the window. I have an excuse to just talk to humans and it is so so cool!
Onto the "Meet the Mormons" film project. This movie is a MIRACLE!!!!!!!! It has been dubbed in four languages and ROMANIAN IS ONE OF THEM!!!!!! We rolled it out across the country this last week and AMAZING things happened. This movie is literally the most inspired, brilliant thing since the Book of Mormon okay maybe not exactly but CLOSE!! When we introduced the film to our English students I told them that my mom had cried during it and they were all like whatever and then they ALL cried!! I even shed a few tears. The movie is POWERFUL. If you haven't seen it yet, STOP reading this email and go watch it NOW! Okay so when the Elder Armstrong part started everyone in the room looked right at me! It was hilarious. But after that one EVERYONE was crying. Our investigator learned over to me and was like "I understand your mom". After the film ended we missionaries stood up and bore our testimony about why we left all you loved ones behind to come out here. I did shed a tear when I said "I left my family too come here because I know the Jesus Christ lives". Never in my life has that truth hit me harder. This Church is so beautiful, but it is also real. We are real people, with real problems and God knows that. My Heavenly Father knew that I needed that truth to be confirmed to me right then, that is a  moment I will look back on in my life as something that has defined my testimony. I am so grateful for all the experiences that I have had up to this point. I cannot imagine the things Heavenly Father has in store for me. I do know that I need to keep on pushing myself and developing if I want to continue to have these experiences.
Miracles continue to happen in Romania. We had 624 people at church this week (countrywide), which is a record breaker, and we have been having at least one baptism a week which is INSANE!! We are hoping to keep that trend going here in Constanta, we just need to help our friends use their agency correctly...ha ha. The work here is going super awesome. 
Mercy gave an INCREDIBLE talk on charity yesterday. My favorite part was "When you judge people, you do not have the time to love them" so true! It literally sounded like she had been a member since she was born, at this point she is teaching our lessons! haha Alexandru is also doing super well, he told us yesterday that he has two friends that want to meet with us! These two are on fire.
Another transfer is coming to a close, I cannot believe how quickly time goes by. I love where I am. The people that I am surrounded by are some of the most INCREDIBLE humans ever. This zone training President Ivory challenged us to find "The One". The one that Heavenly Father wants us to touch each day. Yesterday I went to church looking for the one. I found her! She is a member that has been in Italy that I have never met before so I sat by her in Sacrament meeting. After, I asked her if we could come visit her this week. She said yes but come after this time because her daughter will be there. Through talking to members we learned that her daughter is an in active member who we have been trying to get a hold of months! We were able to set up an dinner appointment with them and we are planning on teaching the restoration as a way to jump start Mirabela's testimony and man are we excited about that. 
My challenge for you this week is to find "The One" before you leave each morning. Ask God in prayer who he wants you to help today. I promise you you will find with them. We are God's instruments here on earth, let's involve him in EVERYTHING. Allow him to use you to change lives. 
Love you all, have an awesome week and let me know if any of you have experiences with helping out "The One".
Sora Armstrong

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