Sunday, February 7, 2016

O sa le bat

Hello my peoples!
This week was sick as usual. We kicked it off with some Hot Chocolate conacting where I am pretty sure I experienced a minor case of hypothermia . But it was super fun! We were just asking people if they had ever heard of the mormons and wow do people have some interesting ideas... so that is always fun.
Then we had some super fun lessons. I love Moldova because you never what to expect during a lesson. The people here are just so passionate about everything and they are also 100% themselves no matter what. They do not feel like they need to act a certain way in front of certain people they own who they are and it works for them. 
For example, we were having this incredible lesson with our mom friend Olga. She was quoting the conference talks we had given her to read and the Book of Mormon. She had super cool insightful questions and we were having an awesome conversation when her baby girl who is walking in out of the room trips and nails her head. Olga's husband then scoops up baby Carolina and leaves without saying a word, just walks out with a screaming 1 year old. olga just shrugs her shoulders and we keep talking. He then comes back a couple minutes later without Carolina. Olga looks at him and is like "where is our little girl" He smiles and says "I left her at the neighbors" we all laughed about that. Then we gave Olga an overview of the Plan of Salvation lesson and when we mentioned that we could be with our families forever, there was a physical change in her, she perked up. It was so cute and so we are STOKED to teach her the lesson this week!
Then we were over at our other cute families house another Olga and her husband and their 3 girls. The night started out with Sophia the 3 year old playing the piano for us and then her sister telling her it was ugly so then she went into hysterics. Then we started eating dinner and the girls finished so they went and started playing and we are in the middle of answering Olga's question about the Great and Abominable Chruch (that was fun in romanian) and we hear this yelliong coming from the other room. A couple seconds later Sophia marches in a grabs a broom and her dad is like "No put that down I know what you are thinking" And her mom is like "what are you going to do with that?" and Sophia yells " O sa le bat!" which means I am going to hit them! Both of her parents were like "uh uh you put that down" There then proceeded to be a power struggle for about 5 minutes which resulted in sophia dropping the broom and saying fine I will get them with my own hands! It was hilarious! Probably one of my favorite moments in Chisinau so far. I felt like I was at family dinner at Grandma's and Henry was going after wi-fi and Cameron with a broom but it was all in beautiful romanian! 

I just love this work. I love how God takes care of our people no matter what. This last transfer we have experienced quite a few speed bumps and I have just been struggling with not feeling like I am going my full speed. But last sunday I called up a few of our friends, a few of them told me they had been reading from the Book of Mormon, others set up to meet with us. It was just cool to see that the spirit is working in the hearts of these people. It reminded how little we actually do as missionaries. As long as we are giving it our all the spirit will testify into theiur hearts. Another thing I was reminded of this week was the powerful changing effect the atonement can have on a heart. My friends and family I challenge you guys this week to pick something that you feel like you need to be better at. Maybe it is scripture study, maybe it is saying more kind words, it can be whatever. Pick that thing and then pray to Heavenly Father and tell him you want to strengthen this thing in your life, tell him how you are going to strengthen it then ask for the atonement of Christ to enter into your heart and change it so that you can change, so that you can become. Open your hearts to him and He will change you, I promise.

Cu drag,
Sora Armstrong


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