Monday, February 29, 2016

Nu se poate


This morning as we were walking to internet I was looking around and I
was just like wow this place is beautiful. It took me back to my first
day in Ploiesti, at that point I was not looking around saying this
place is beautiful, I was saying uhhh can I go home? I hate that that
is how it was at the beginning but it is true. I had to fight to
develop a love for these incredible countries. But now every time we
leave our bloc the beauty of this city hits me. It is amazing how my
perception of beauty has so drastically changed in 18 months. The
atonement of Jesus Christ is real my friends it is not just for
washing away our sins it is for the changing of our hearts. I think I
have probably talked about that a lot but it has been one of the most
consistent lessons of my mission.

Okay now for this week, Life is good my friends, it is good to be a missionary.
We went on exchanges this week so I was with Sora Smullin again and it
was so much fun. We went and visited our good friend Olga. We had this
awesome lesson of the importance of church attendance. Sora Smullin
shared a rally cool personal experience that hit Olga pretty hard. She
was so into the lesson and was hanging on our every word. The spirit
was super strong. Carolina her daughter was being so cute just playing
by herself and laughing and talking. We all got so into the lesson
that we did not notice when Carolina started taking her tooth brush
dipping it in the indoor potted plant they have and brushing her teeth
with the dirt from the plant! It was HILARIOUS. Sora Smullin was like
"uhh uh oh" We all turned around and Carolina smiles at us this dirt
filled smile! So cute!

Then we had another super cool lesson with our dear friend Ekaterina.
We were talking about the restoration and how sometimes we we got
through our own "apostasies" Ekaterina likened it to the the Iron Rod.
I asked her what happens when you let go of the rod? Ekaterina eyes
got really big and she says get back as fast as you can! It was so
funny. I love these people thay are all so unique. The other day we
were saying our closing prayer with this same lady Ekaterina, she is
saying the prayer and I am leaning over in my seat kind of bending
forward and I feel this thing come super close to my head. So I open
my eyes to see what is going on and while Ekaterina is praying she is
waving her hands around like she does when she has a normal
conversation! She is an artist what are you gonna do?

I don't know if I have told you guys this yet but President Ivory
brought this man over from the United States to work here for a year.
To work with small businesses and connect them to larger ones in the
states. His name is Walter Plumb. Whenever we meet people that we
think could be helped by him we take them out to dinner with
President Plumb and he has this incredible way of bringing everything
back to the gospel. So last night I found myself sitting at this table
with Walter and Peggy Plumb, my companion, and this Italian that owns
a web design company here in Moldova discussing religion and the need
for a church. Oh, did I mention we were at the nicest restraurant in
Chisinau in a special room, that had a special menu and its own
private coat check? Yeah and President Plumb is a very successful
business man and past mission president. Yep, I was sitting there and
I was just like how in the world did I end up in literally the coolest
mission on the planet. President Plumb and I team taught the
restoration. We really focused on the church that Christ set up while
he was on the earth and how that same church is on the earth today. I
realized how grateful I am for the perfect organization of our church.
Because of the priesthood power. We can trust leaders.We have a
promise from God that his called leaders will not lead us a stray.
Riccardo (our Italian friend) cannot bring himself trust organized
religion because of what he saw his church leaders doing in Italy. It
was so sad to me, he feels like he has to figure out his faith alone
because of the terrible examples of organized religion he has grown up

My friends Christ established a church while he was on this earth. We
can read about that church from the new testament. We can identify the
necessary parts as we study. Then we can get down on our knees and
ask God if that church could possibly be on the earth again. Through
the Holy Ghost it will be confirmed to us that YES! God loves us He
wants us to rejoice in that church, ot be taught through that church.
Then to enjoy the blessings that will be with us ETERNALLY as we take
part in ordinances such as baptism done through the power of God that
is on earth again. If you already know this to be true then SHARE it
this week, if you do not this to be true then I beg you to study it
out and find out if it is true. This knowledge has shaped my life.
Riccardo asked me last night if I woke up today and I knew everything
I told him was absolutely true, if I would live my life differently.
That question kind of hit me. I do know it is true and because of that
I have to live my life differently.

I hope everyone has an awesome week!
Sora Armstrong

PS I also met the CEO of Cafe Rio and his wife on Monday at Zone
Conference, they are super cool! I told him to open one up in
Temecula. One of my favorite quotes from them was
"we have the power to kill energy or create it, so let's create it)

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