Monday, February 15, 2016

Life is a Gift!

Hey fam bam!
I hope everyone is doing well. Are you guys just stoked on life? You should be, life is a gift. Someone told me that on a bus this week. (the life is a gift part not the stoked part that word does not exist in Romanian unfortunately)
Life is a gift, especially when you are in Moldova! We have some awesome stuff heading our way. This country has so much potential. It is at a critical point in its history right now and I am so grateful I get to be here to be apart of it. 
So this week we flew down to Bucuresti (we had to leave our apartment at 4 in the MORNING) but it was worth it. I got to see all my peoples! We also had some awesome meetings with President and Sora Ivory. I love how fast paced mission life is. As soon as we as a mission get good at something, President Ivory introduces something else for us to practice and push ourselves. This week we were introduced to a new way of teaching the Restoration. We use these cards with picture of Christ and stuff like that on them. We used them a few times this week and our friends loved them. They would take the pictures out of our hands and hold them and then when we would start discussing something else they would go back to another picture and use it to answer our question. It was super cool. I love how well the Lord knows the people here. He knows what they need and He lets us know what we need to do to help them. 
We had an incredible lesson this week with Raisa. She has been reading EVERYTHING we have been giving her. Her thirst for knowledge is beautiful. And her heart is so sincere. She testified to us of the truthfulness of the restoration. It was so cool we would ask her a question and then she would teach us, we asked her if she believed all these things she was saying and she just stopped. Then she said "these things feel so close to my soul, they have to be true" It was seriously one of the top ten moments of my mission! She fasted with us on sunday too nad taught herself about tithing anad let us know that tithing is a very good thing and we should always pay our tithing. I was like "you are so right Raisa I am going to pay it tomorrow" (talking about fast offerings) I love her so much!
On Sunday President Ivory was here with his friend Walter Plum who will be doing some business here in Moldova. We had some awesome meetings with him. We talked a lot about the stability of the gospel of Jesus Christ. No matter what the gospel will never change. Its principles are constant. It is the only thing in this world that we can rely on. So many people here are looking for that stability. They are starved for security and purity. There are just so many cloudy things going on all around us but the Gospel of Jesus Christ is pure and so beautifully clear. I am so greatful for the rock that it is in my life. One of the coolest things about this rock is that we can continue to build it up. One of the members in the russian branch bore this beautiful testimony about how his little girl looked up at him and said "papa" for the first time (now you are all thinking I understand russian, I don't it was translated for us) He talked about how amazing it was to hear her say that for the first time, he even remembered the exact date. Then he related it to how our Father in Heaven must feel when we turn to him for the first time and we say "God, or Father" One of my favorite parts of being a missionary is hearing people say their first prayer. Hearing them talk to their Father in Heaven for the first time. This tender spirit of love fills room. We can have that experience everytime we pray. So I invite you guys this week to take some time and make your prayers conversations. Maybe you haven't prayed in awhile or maybe you prayer ten times a day. It does not matter your Father in Heaven is waiting for you to let Him know that you wnat his influence in your life. There is power in kneeling prayers! 

I love you guys, I hope I don't ever go too missionary on you all!
Sora Armstrong


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