Monday, February 29, 2016

Can I Extend?

Buna, Buna, Buna!
I hear that you all want to hear my romanian. I might just give my
whole farewell talk in it. That would be fun. I also have not spoken
in front more than about 40 people for the last 18 months so if about
three fourths of the ward could be sick that would be nice. Anyway I
am not home yet so let's talk about miracles!

On wednesday we met this ADORABLE little 15 year old girl named
Marina. I have known for awhile she has been at activities and stuff
because she has a friend who is learning about the church also. We had
tried to meet a few times but it just didn't work out. She was at
church last Sunday and I was so stoked to see her. We actually got to
meet this week. We gave her a Book of Mormon and when we asked her if
she had read it she looked at us and was like this book is a miracle.
Then she proceeded to bear testimony of the Book of Mormon. I love
when my people start bearing testimony. So some background on Marina
she is from the south of Moldove from this community that speaks
russian and turkish. No I do not speak either of those languages. She
alos gets by pretty well in english so we have been doing our lessons
in english. We wanted her to be able to express herself more openly so
we started our lessons with Nina and Sevghi. So about half of the
lesson is in russian and I have no idea what is going on but nina and
sevhgi are incredible teachers so it is okay. She is also studying
here in Chisinau. She is a cello prodigy and played I am a Child of
God in sacrament yesterday adn it was so beautiful I almost cried. As
long as the spirit is still there it works out. We had an incredible
lesson with Marina about God's plan for us on the earth and she
started bearing testimony again of how much this gospel means to her.
How she is so grateful for it and how she wants to use it to bless
other people. The spirit kinda wacked Sora Nichols and I in the face
and we ended up inviting her to baptism. There was this sweet sweet
spirit in the room and she agreed. Then Satan went to work. Her
parents got pretty upset about it and she ended getting a pretty
serious injury during PE. They make kids learn how to vault here in
PE! Not a good idea. So she might have to go home to the south of
moldova earlier so we won't be able to see her as often. Man that guy
is good. BUT we are better. I know that God has a specific plan for my
little girl and that He will make His will happen. We just have to do
all we can. But Marina is literally my favorite. She has such an old
soul and just gets it.

So last night we went and visited Sora Cociu for her birthday, we
surprised her and she was so excited. They were kinda having a party
and had this music blasting in their front yard. So I decided to bust
out some of my signature dance moves. She thought it was hilarious! I
showed her how dad always tells me to "just keep it here" (quoting
hitch) She was like no! You gotta be loose. Then she pulled these
things called clatite filled with cheese from the oven and just kept
on feeding us. We were there with the other soras and whenever she had
her back turned Sora Smullin was glaring at me and was like we better
leave before she feeds us. But I did not want to leave so we just kept
on talking and laughing and Sora Smullin was mouthing at me "I am
gonna kill you" So I took the plate and was like I think Sora Smullin
wants more. haha she was not excited about that. It was a beautiful
night. The weather was not that cold we danced and laughed and she
just kept on thanking us for coming. I just love moments like that. I
love how the Lord calls us specifically. That call includes our
personality. I love this culture. I can be 100% myself with these
people. I can be sassy and they still love me. But then we canget
serious and have a beautiful conversation. I am just so grateful to be
where I am. To be with the people who I am with. This time has been
such a blessed time in my life. Honestly, I do not want to leave. But
the Lord has this way of catapulting us out of our comfort zones as
soon as we are comfortable.

My people I hope everyone has a great week!
Sora Armstrong

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