Sunday, May 3, 2015

"Open Your Mouth"

G'day mates!
Can you tell I have been working on my Aussie accent? It has been another insane week! I got a gnarly tan line the other day and everybody gave me a hard time about it at Zone Conference, even President was like "I hope you are staying away from the beach Sora Armstrong." I was like "I am I promise!" We have been doing a lot of English contacting in parks so we are outside a lot. The weather is getting so nice and I am so excited for SUMMER. 
We had so many awesome things happen to us this week. Last Monday we were grocery shopping and Sora Mits and I went to grab some toilet paper and we heard these people speaking in English and we were like ENGLISH? what? So we tried speaking in English super loud to see if they would say anything and they didn't so we just asked them where they were from. They were just as shocked to hear us speaking in English it was way funny. They are here studying medicine. One of them, Sen, is from London and she was pretty impressed we know Romanian. We told her we would love to help her out with it. She is actually working in a Romanian hospital right now and cannot speak Romanian at all. How crazy is that? We met with her and had an awesome lesson. We talked about our beliefs and her beliefs (she is Muslim) She is super open and just so much fun to talk to. She came to church this Sunday and brought a friend who we are going to meet with this week! It was such a miracle and Sora Mits loves it because now she isn't the only one with an accent! They all love to pick on the American but it's okay because I can hold my own. 
Another super cool miracles this week happened on Saturday. We didn't have any lessons planned which is super rare and I was not excited about it. I felt like I had so many awesome opportunities to teach my first two transfers and I want Sora Mits to have the same experience. But if there is one thing I learned from my amazing trainer is that through faith you can make lessons happen. We said a prayer before leaving the flat that we would find someone to teach. We decided to walk by a park by our flat that had been full of families the day before. We walk up to the park and there are like two people there. So we decide to just walk through and head to the church to drop some stuff off. I was so frustrated I felt like we had prayed with faith we had done our part now where were the people? As we began to walk I just got this overwhelming feeling of "There are people here there are 2 people here go OPEN YOUR MOUTH." I was a little bit of a scolding but it was exactly what I needed. Before I knew it we walked up to this lady on a bench and asked her a language question she scooted over and told is to "luati loc" which means sit down.  And we had an awesome lesson with her about eternal families. It was so cool. My friends Heavenly Father is there, He hears and answers our prayers, sometimes I am sure He must get frustrated. I had such a bad attitude when we walked up to that park. We are so imperfect and I feel so inadequate to be sharing this gospel but it really isn't me, it is the Lord and the Spirit that is doing the teaching. Sora Mits and I just kinda sit there and smile and do our best to speak Romanian. 
Okay also another AWESOME thing that happened this week was Zone Conference. I got to see all the homies except Sora B which was sad because I miss her a lot but she is on fire in Chisinau right now. Anyway I got to see Sora Allen who is killing it, literally that girl can make laugh so hard it is ridiculous and then Sora Sayre who is just so awesome. I have been so blessed to have been surrounded by so many amazing people my entire mission. 
President Ivory invited his friends the Barbages (not sure if that is how you spell it) to come speak to us. Sora Barbage told this awesome story about Abish from the story of Ammon and then Brother Barbage spoke about what we need to do to be successful. He said "the answer to the question What can I do to be successful can be answered by another question, What do you do when you don't have anything else to do?" I LOVE that. As humans we must always be progressing that it what success is, it is constantly improving so what we do with our time is SO SO important. That is the question that I am going to leave you with What do you do, when you don't have anything else to do?
I love you all so much, thank you for all responses to the hope questions, keep them coming! 
Va iubesc!
Sora Armstrong

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