Monday, May 11, 2015

3 Awesome Things

First one, I got to talk to Sora Barrera! She is so freaking cute!! She gave me some awesome advice. The people I have had the opportunity to serve with here have each changed my life for the better. I have been so blessed to have amazing companions every single transfer! They all love me so much, and just push me to better. 
Second awesome thing, I had THE BEST exchange ever with my good friend Sora Sayre. She is one amazing human being. We had two inbcredible lessons with Alesea and Mercy. We talked about baptism in both lessons and we got to bear powerful testimony of Christ and this Gospel. The Spirit was so so so strong. It is amazing the power that missionaries posees when they are doing everything they can to be obedient, that is one major lesson that Sora's Barrera and Sayre have taught me.
Third awesome thing, we went to have a lesson with Sora Ducea this week. She is a less active member of the church that we have been working with. As we walked in, both Sora Mits and I turned to each other and we were like - Sora Ducea should come contacting with us. We suggested the idea to her and she was pretty excited about it. We went to a park near her bloc and just started talking to people. It was so cool to hear her bearing her testimony to random people. Sometimes I think we as missionaries can be bold because we are foreign. These people that we are talking with are not really our people, so it hurts less if we get rejected but Sora Ducea did not care. She boldly bore her testimony to a bunch of different people and we had some awesome experiences! Sora Mits and I have started introducing ourselves by our first names, it is a new contacting approach to just get to know people on a personal basis. While we were with Sora Ducea we introduced ourselves as Courtney and Brittany and the man we were talking to was like "no you are now Elena and you are now Maria, when you are in Romania these are your names." So I am now Elena haha. Romanians have a really hard time with my name so I think I might just start introducing myself as "Anna". 
So yeah, lots of amazing things happened this week. God hears our prayers and He answers them in His time and in His way. I hope everyone had an amazing Mother's day. I just wanted to say thank you to all those women that have been incredible examples to me of woman of faith. To all my aunts, my Grandma, my Grandmom, my past leaders, and past teachers and coaches you have all changed my life.....thank you so much for that!
Love you!
Sora Elena Armstrong

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