Monday, April 20, 2015

G'Day Mates!

Hello from beautiful Constanta!
 Let me start off by saying that I have not worn a jacket in a week! Summer is coming! I even got a little bit of sun, while we were park contacting the other day! I love it, I am in dire need of some vitamin D. So I was in Bucharest last Monday though Wednesday for trainers training, that's right I am trainer. Who woulda thunk? I am still not so sure about myself but let me tell you about AUSSOME trainee. She is AUSTRALIAN (anybody catch my hints ;) ) haha I was assigned to be with Sora Mitts from Melbourne, Australia. She is LEGIT. She has such a fire. She just wants to talk to everyone and it is so fun. She is also ridiculously cute and Romanian men uhh .... let's just say we are going to get some pepper spray. (that is a joke mom). We made a goal to talk to at least one person every single bus we ride on and we are on a lot of buses. Today, I told a lady that I liked her sun glasses and as she was getting off the bus she GAVE them to me! Just said poftiti (here) and I was like nu e okay (no it is okay) and she was like Luati-va (take them) haha so now I got some sunnys (sun glasses in Australian).  I am now learning three languages Romanian, pigeon, and Australian. Anyway back to my comp, she is great. She is fearless when it comes to speaking Romanian which is so awesome and she has so many fun ideas that we are going to put into practice. She is also an incredible singer, which is always fun, her and Sora Trebas are always walking around the apartment singing. I put in requests and it is like I have Pandora again. Also, I am now living with Sora Trebas who is like my best friend ever and that is SO SO fun. Life is just sweet right now. 
Okay, we have actually done some real missionary work this week I promise. We met with a couple of awesome members. We have been sharing our stories with them and inviting them to share their stories with others. The stories of the members here are SO COOL. They are all so strong and powerful. Also on Wednesday I got to see familia musat and fotea at Cismigiu Park. They came to welcome the new missionaries. It was so great to see my favorite peeps from Ploiesti! Like I said I love the people here so much! Even the lady today on the bus who told me she didn't want to talk to me when I asked here about her favorite food, they are all awesome. 
I am super grateful for the opportunity that I have to introduce this incredible country to a new missionary. She (sora mitts) is one of a kind and I am so excited to see all the amazing work she is going to do here. I am doing my best to live up to the example that Sora Barrera gave me. 
This week I have been thinking a lot about hope and I want to know what all you guys think about it. How can we hold onto hope, how can we develop it, how we can we share it? I am so grateful for the simple truths of this gospel, studying them is what helps me keep my hope. The simple yet true fact that Joseph Smith recieved an answer to prayer, that we can live our families forever, and that we can all live again because of Christ reminds me that no matter what, no matter the rejection we face, this gospel is still true. Because of that it is all worth it! 
Love you all! 
Seriously let me know what you think about hope I always ask you guys questions and NO ONE ever responds. RESPOND PEOPLE!
Love ya!
Sora Armstrong

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  1. I'll bet she's an awesome trainer. I love it how she called us all out. Wouldn't expect any less from her. I'm on it, Brittany. 😊