Monday, May 25, 2015


Wow, this week literally blew my mind. My peoples Heavenly Father has a plan, sometimes that plan is not our plan but that plan is always the best way! So let me just tell you about my week.
This week we had so AWESOME lessons. The first were with Mercy, she has come so far. She is reading everyday and her testimony is so much farther along then it was a month ago. We had a lesson on temples with her. She has had quite a few close family members die and as we taught about ordinances for the dead the coolest spirit settled on us. It was so tender so full of love and Mercy could feel it. She committed to a baptism date of June 6! We are so excited for her, we went back later on last week and she had invited a friend to sit in on the lesson. She is truly converted now. Heavenly Father has definitely taught me a lesson of patience with Mercy, patience and trust in him. Last time I thought Mercy was ready but Heavenly Father knew she wasn't now I realize that she is so much more prepared to make these covenants. I am grateful for that heartbreak now my joy is so much fuller and I have gained so much more trust in my Father in Heaven. I really think she is going to do it!
Now the story of Alexandru. He is so ready, we really didn't even do anything. He is the son of an incredible member. I would love to tell this whole story it is truly incredible but I will try to give a synopsis. Georgetta, Alex's mom, is one of the most faithful members in Romania. She does her visiting teaching, she comes to church every single week even if it means not eating on Saturday so she can pay to come into the city from the town where she lives. She has been to the temple many times and the last time she was there she prayed so hard for Alex. Alex was going through a rough time he had fallen into some major addictions and because of those addictions he lost everything about two months ago. The first time we met with him we told him about Self Reliance and he met with the Strattons a senior couple and then had a lesson with Elders Brundage and Nango while in Buch. Then he came back to Constanta looking to take himself out of the destructive situation he was in. Since then he has stopped smoking and drinking coffee even before we taught him the Word of Wisdom, he has committed to living the commandments and he has even asked to speak on Sunday. He set a baptismal date for himself on Thursday and that is what we are moving towards. Alexandru will change the church here in Romania, he is a powerful human being, when he speaks people listen. He already has asked how he can be a good example to his friends and if he can invite them to his baptism. He used to work for a major news station in Buch and had his own show. This man is a builder.
Miracles are occurring because of the faith of the members here in Constanta. They are not content with the church in Romania they have a strong desire to build it. So many of our members are so obedient. They are constantly looking to share the gospel and God is rewarding their efforts. I am so humbled to be here at this time to see these miracles. I know that it is the sacrifice of these members and the will of God that is causing the church to grow here. I also know that it is not because of me that these things are happening. These people would not just take the word of two 19 year old's, the spirit has testified of the truth of these things into the hearts of Mercy and Alexandru and it has been a beautiful thing to watch!

Another cool experience of this week. As we were walking home the other night we saw a lady that lives in our block struggling to walk home. We offered her our arms and she grabbed onto me and Sora Mits. She has Parkinson's disease pretty bad, she was shaking so so bad at one point I was sure I was going to have carry her home. As we walked we just talked, every step caused her pain. It was such a humbling experience. I just felt this sadness and pain for this woman. As we got into the apartment that night the mood was pretty somber. As sora Mits and I talked about it we talked about Christ must feel. He literally felt our pains and sufferings and that sorrow we were feeling was probably just a fraction of what he feels for that woman. I am so grateful for that experience. I am grateful that I was allowed to feel that but sorrow for that woman. It wasn't a feeling a pity I just was so sad that someone had to deal with that. Can you imagine not being able to walk home? Christ KNOWS, he knows us, he knows how we feel, he hurts for us, he weeps at our pain. You are never alone! 

Things are HAPPENING here in Romania! Thank you for all your prayers and your love! The church is true.
Sora Armstrong


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