Sunday, April 5, 2015

Crazy, but Not Insane

My peoples,
How goes life? Has Easter happened in the States? I have no idea, it is on the 12th here but if it has HAPPY EASTER. I love Easter, it is yet another excuse to talk to people about Jesus.
This has been another crazy week, not as insane as last week but still pretty crazy. We went to Gaati this week for Zone Training. It was AWESOME. We talked a lot about our own personal conversion stories and how we can share them with others. We were told to practice so I thought since I have a little extra time today I would share mine with all of you.
My Story
I have been placed with a knowledge that this church is true since I was born, for some reason Heavenly Father just blessed me with Faith but I honestly did not have a true understanding of h Atonement until I was in college. I was in my first couple of weeks up at BYU when I had an experience that made me feel really disconnected from my family. I began to doubt who I was, I honestly doubted for a little my divine potential and my Heavenly Father’s love for me. Then one night I was sick of feeling this way. I prayed out loud harder than I have  ever prayed before it was more of a conversation with God because I was listening I wanted so badly for a confirmation of his love for me. After that prayer I was exhausted, the next day I got a blessing from my wonderful Grandpa and was strengthened. I was able to dive back into my life, I was able to focus on school, all of the doubt and loneliness I had felt left me. I realized that the only way I was able to overcome this experience was through atonement of Jesus Christ. Because he took that bitter cup, because he felt all of the pains I had felt and will ever feel he was able to take those burdens from me. He literally took my yoke upon himself. That is my story, I know that Christ lives, that he is our Savior not just at the judgement but right now, everyday He can succor us from our deepest sorrows.
Well there ya go people. This week I challenge you to think about your conversion stories and share them. If you have not yet had a conversion I challenge you to seek one. Conversion is a change for the better and I promise you that if you will pray to ask God if he is there and if he loves you He will answer. We are here on this earth to be tried but also to experience joy and as you seek for your own personal conversion you will find joy!

Okay back to the fun stuff:
President Ivory got these really cool video flyer things for the mission from the Rome Temple visitor's center. They are basically mini video screens with the Because of Him video uploaded to them. THEY ARE SO SICK! Romanians LOVE the video. also had an awesome, kind of funny experience with a lady that works in a magazine close to the church, we went in one day and this lady was in a horrific mood, she was so angry. Later on our way back to the church we went into the magazine (store) again and showed her and her colleague the Easter video on the video flyer. The spirit whooshed into that mega image and right as the video said "datorita lui" (because of him)  it died! Right in the middle of the video, the ladies were like “because of him what?”  It was hilarious, but then we just bore our testimony that because of Christ we can live again and find joy in this life. The lady's mood was visibly changed. The effect that even just thinking about Christ can have on our lives is incredible. We are planning on going back when the lady has a lunch break and talking to her more. Moral of the story Satan is everywhere even in our video flyers!

This week we went and visited Sora Olteanu, the branch president’s wife. We had a cool lesson with her. The members here are so so cool, they have such awesome stories. She told us of her love for the temple she has an incredible testimony of eternal families. The people here love the temple so so much but they only get to go once every couple of years. After the lesson they brought in their two two week old goats. Like the brought them into their house. The goats ran around and Rebecca their 18 month old daughter chased them around baaaaing (that is a goat sound) We think Rebecca is convinced she is a goat. It was adorable.

We also got invited to the birthday party of one of our English students. We had no idea what to expect but when we got there it was just us. They sat us down and grabbed some of their homemade vodka so we could toast to the birthday girl we explained that we don’t drink and they were totally okay with it but they insisted that we still do the whole cheers/nu roc clinking of glasses. The alcohol smelled so strong, but her family just took a sip and put it away so no one got drunk. It was fun we talked about the Book of Mormon with them and they invited us to come back. It is her, her boyfriend/husband and their gorgeous six month old baby girl. I am so excited to go back and teach them!

Another funny story, Sora Sayre and were in the foyer of Hotel Flora waiting for our ride. Hotel Flora is where all the Nigerian students live. We had had a couple of lessons over there and we were just waiting for the maxi taxi when all the Nigerians were walking down to dinner. A lot of them know who we are so they walked up and started talking to us. Sora Sayre and I have been learning Pigeon which is a sick version of informal English that all speak so we were showing off our pigeon skills and they were getting a kick out of it. This one guy walked up to us and said “Hello you two are very beautiful, I would like to talk to more I am in room 802 come and visit me.” Sora Sayre and I just kind of laughed and I was like “yeah for sure man, we will come by” little does he know that we will be bringing our Elder friends with us.

So yeah, it has been a pretty fun week. Peoples I love you all so much. I hope you find my emails entertaining and uplifting. If you guys have any questions about Romania or anything hit me up and I will try to answer them next time!
Cu Drag,
Sora Armstrong

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