Sunday, February 22, 2015


What a week. Wow, where to start? Well Happy Valentine's to all. On saturday we ran to the store beneath our apartment to get a coke zero for Sora Allen and the security gaurd asked us where our "iubiti" were which means our beloveds. I just looked at him and said Statele Unite because I did not him to offer to be our iubit. haha Another super funny story that happened this week was Sora Allen got hit on hard core in the bus one day. The guy was actually pretty good looking, he was like picking hair off her jacket and promising to catch her if she fell, just being very smooth. It was super funny. So we got off the bus and we are laughing super hard Sora Allen is all red in the face from blushing so much. Then we get on the bus a couple hours later and we see this same guy walk out of a pastry shop, so I am like "look it's your iubit" as sora Allen turns to look this girl walks out of the pastry shop and cuddles up to the guy. This smooth dude totally had a girlfriend! What a scum bag! We just about died we were laughing so hard. It was so classic. Basically this week has just been a week of love I guess. 
Some awesome things happened on the missionary work side of things as well. We had about 55 people at church yesterday. Two of the less actives Sora Allen and I have been working with came. It was branch conference so we had President Iachimov a member of the district presidency come. He gave an incredible talk about motivition versus inspiration. He talked about how inspiration comes from God with the spirit. When we are inspired we are inspired for the right reasons and a change occurs us. Through inspiration we become better permanently. Motivation comes from other sources that cannot change our hearts, people can be motivated by fear or money. Because these cannot bring us true joy they do not evoke the same dedication from us that inspiration does. Later that day Andrei our branch mission leader asked us what inspires us. I said the words of prophets and apostles because I know they are directly from God. I also said being a good example to all my siblings and cousins is a huge inspiration for me. So thank you to all my family for your inspiration, sometimes when sleeping in till 7 sounds tempting I just think "if I had all my awesome cousins and siblings watching me right now what would I do" Then I hop out of bed, get on my knees and start the day. You guys mean so much to me, and I think about all of you all the time! 
Okay so this week we started doing 30-30's with a mom and her daughter from english. It was awesome, we introduced the Book of Mormon to them and challenged them to begin reading it. Seriously there is no better feeling than testifying of the Book of Mormon it was awesome. We also had an incredible lesson with Sora Nasatase, she used to be super active but they have not being coming to church recently so we have been visiting her. We read a chapter in the Book of Mormon and discussed it. She told us all about what a hard day she had had at work but as soon as we walked into her apartment she felt more peace. She was so grateful to us for all the work we do. Hearing her say that meant so much. Sometimes us missionaries just need a reminder that people do appreciate us and care about us. We felt so much love from her it was incredible. 
Well there is my update for the week! I hope everyone is doing super well. I am so grateful for all the experiences I am having here the bad and the awesome ones. I know this church is true! 
Love you!
Sora Armstrong

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