Thursday, February 26, 2015

Another week down

We only have one more week of this transfer! That is nuts the last five weeks have flown by.
This week was packed. We started doing 30/30 lessons with a mom and a daughter. We had a great lesson with them about the restoration. I was struggling with the language SO BAD! Then the mom said I don't understand the need for this in my life. Then Sora Allen bore one of the most powerful testimonies of the gospel I have ever heard in my entire life. She was crying, the lady we were teaching was crying, it was INTENSE but AWESOME. The spirit was so strong. It was a testimony to me, that Heavenly Father will get his work done no matter, how inadequate his servants are, as long as we are doing all we can, He will make up the rest.
We got to Bucharest for Zone Conference this week, it was amazing. President Ivory invited a friend of his from England to come and speak to us. The Rutley's. Brother Rutley is a member of parliament, NBD. They were incredible, him and his wife spoke to us about building the kingdom and what we can do build up our part of the kingdom. It was really cool and made me think about who I need to be, and what more I need to do to help build Heavenly Father's kingdom. One of my favorite quotes from them was, People spend all their lives trying to figure out their purpose, we as members of this church already have the divine gift of knowing our purpose, thus we can spend all our lives accomplishing it. 
Sora Ivory spoke all about our journey and preparing ourselves for the journey. She is incredible, every time she speaks I am taught exactly what I need to hear. I loved seeing everyone. There are so many different kinds of people in this mission when we all get together, it is never boring.
So funny story for the week, On wednesday we somehow ended up with three dinner appointments. We had one in the morning with Sora Matei, she fed us the best sarmale I have ever had. Then Sora Simon for lunch she fed us a four course meal, complete with an insane amount of bread and desert. Then we had another lesson that night and they fed us ciorba which is soup and a plate full of mash potatoes and chickem. THEN the other soras called us and invited us over to their new apartment for dinner. I literally ate more food that day than I have ever eaten in my entire life! It was rough. But we are so blessed to be in Ploiesti, with so many awesome members. We had 55 people aty church on sunday. I almost cried. The chapel was almost full, it was such a beautiful sight to see. This branch is exploding, the members were so happy and President Musat asked everyone to fast for english classes next transfer because that is where the last three baptisms have come from. Seriously it was an awesome sunday!
Well my peoples I am signing off, love you so so much!
Sora Armstrong

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