Sunday, August 9, 2015

Summer on Mamaia

This week has been nuts! On Wednesday, our carbon monoxide detector went off so we had to have some sleep overs with the other soras which was fun, but annoying because we weren't in our own apartment. We had a guy come and check things out and it is all good so we are back into our lovely apartment. 
On Thursday, we headed out Eforie to visit our good friend Alesea. She saw that I had a bunch of dry skin on my face and so she said two seconds then comes back with these two big water jugs of lake water. She told me to wash my face with salty lake water every night and my face would clear up. I have been doing it diligently and it actually has been working. I love it to because I just dunk my head in a bowl of it and I pretend like I am swimming at good ol' Del Mar Beach and it is great. Sora Armstrong always laughs at me but I think it's great. Alesea is doing great we had a lesson with her about the Iron Rod and we asked her how could we keep holding onto the iron rod and she said that prayer and then she said "in fact this is the Iron Rod" and held up the Book of Mormon. I was like yeah it is. She is just so cool because she just gets the Gospel. I love it!
Another miracle we saw this week was just people being so open. We got two numbers from people that were sincerely interested in the Gospel. They were both men, so we gave them to the Elders but one of them to church yesterday and had a lesson with the Elders afterwards. I promise we are trying to find women to teach too. We have also not taught anymore men in speedos so that's good. My testimony of finding through those that we teach has really grown this week. After one of our lessons this week, we walked out of the bloc and our investigator friend grabbed their friends just outside the bloc and said "you have to talk to these two." We had a great conversation and the Elders will be meeting with him too.
Amazing things are happening here, Fratele Ciurdea tried to come to church but got stuck in three hours of traffic but he tried! Alexandru and Mercy bore incredible testimonies yesterday, and Fratele Vitel who the Elders and other Soras have been working with. The spirit was strong.
We also went contacting at the Color Run on Friday. It was so cool! It also just about killed me not being able to join in the run. I didn't realize how much I missed that feeling of running a race, but then we started contacting and talking to people and that feeling went away. We got color thrown all over us and as we walked down the boardwalk people LOVED US it was hilarious. Never have I ever gotten that many cards out in such a short period of time. It was super fun just to talk people. I LOVE being a missionary, everyday we head out and we just say "okay what new friends are we going to make today?"
I love this mission especially because the Church is so new here. We, as missionaries, need to find new ways to get the word out of the Gospel and so we get to try out new things.
Oamenii mei time is super short but I love you and I love this gospel. Heavenly Father has truly been pouring out his blessings upon us. Often I don't feel worthy of everything he has given me, but that just means I gotta work that much harder to be worthy.
I love you all sorry for the brevity......have an awesome week!!!

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