Monday, January 12, 2015

Another Week in Romania

Buna Familia, si Prietenii!
Wow another week in Romania! To be honest the days feel pretty long but then I go to write this letter and I am like wow that happened all the way on Tuesday and it feels like it happened yesterday.
This week I learned how to make Sarmale. It is a super traditional dish here. It is pork and rice wrapped in cabbage and it is delicious. You have to take the pork and make into a big ball in your hands. So all us are missionaries are in this tiny kitchen making ground pork into balls and Elder Allphin (Mr. Lone Peak basketball player) starts getting fancy with his pork ball and splat he drops the whole thing on the floor. So that was fun. He was all red and embarrassed. Sora Chilera didn't get too mad so that was good. 
Sora Barrera and I did a lot of walking this week we have been spending a lot of time trying to find less actives. It is kind of like being an FBI agent. We get an address, then we go all over the city looking for these people. We talk to their neighbors to see if they still live at the address and stuff. Haha kind of fun. We also did a lot of English contacting this week, since English class started on Saturday. Sometimes people are so rude when we are handing out the cards and it is like gee sorry I am trying to offer you FREE English classes. Anyway, Sora Barrera and I just laugh about it after. We also realized that our apartment is super dark because all of our light bulbs are burnt out so we went and bought some new ones but then we realized that we are both too short to reach our ceiling. I was too prideful to call the elders, so we stacked some chairs on each other and I climbed up them and we changed 15 light bulbs without getting electrocuted...... how pro is that?

Here is some AWESOME news, the Elders are having baptism next week! We were so pumped to hear about it and Razvon is exactly what the branch needs, He is 32 year old that just wants to do missionary work all the time. He is such a stud. Right now he is living in the apartment of his old church and when he gets baptized his old church will kick him out, but he doesn't care. He said he knows what he is doing is right and he knows the Lord will provide for him. How incredible is that? My people, listen up this gospel is true. It requires so much sacrifice from us but nothing good comes from easy stuff right? Sacrifice humbles us and allows us to turn to our Heavenly Father and to become closer to our Savior. Please know how important you are to you Heavenly Father. Please recognize that no matter what, you are a child of God, of an all knowing being. We readily except that God knows everything but why is so hard for us to accept that He knows us personally? This knowledge that my Heavenly Father knows me changed my life and beg each of you to allow it to change yours. 
Thank you so much for all the prayers and the love!
Sora Armstrong

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