Tuesday, March 10, 2015


What an INSANE week ahhhhhhhhh. Okay so I was in Buch from Monday to Wednesday. I taught some really cool lessons with Sora Nichols a sora that just finished training. We met Sora Gorzo. She is a missionary legend and one of the strongest members in Buch. She is the coolest little lady. We also went to Chisimigiu Park and read the dedicatory prayer for Romania, it was given by Elder Nelson in the exact spot we were standing. The spirit was so strong. President Ivory bore testimony about the vision that he has for Romania. There are so many incredible promises, that we are beginning to see fulfilled and it is so exciting. But at the same time we have a lot of work ahead of us. President Ivory bore testimony that the only way this work will happen is if we are all bought into being obedient. This has been a pretty prominent theme in the mission as of late. This mission is changing and it is an incredible thing to see.
Okay so wow so much has happened. I said goodbye to Sora Allen that was really really sad. Then I said hello to Sora Sayre. She is AWESOME. I have been so blessed with awesome companions. Sora Sayre is a pro at quoting movies, and just kind of acts like a character out of a Disney movie so we are always laughing. She has been in Constanta for awhile and her love for this branch is so strong. 
The Branch Let me tell about this branch. We have four Nigerian guys, that are studying here, we have a marine, we have a rugby player from Australia, then we have an AWESOME senior couple. Then we have a returned sister missionary that just got back from Canada, then we have about 5 Romanian ladies in relief society, two Romanian families and a couple of old men. It is a very very diverse branch. There is English translation going on every single hour of church. With this group church will never be boring.
Funny Story, yesterday during sacrament they invited each of the new missionaries up to introduce themselves as I was trying to get out of my row of chairs I tripped over the lady sitting next to me and ate it! Fell right on my behind. Everyone started cracking up. I popped right up, got up to the podium and right before I began to speak, the branch president said now we will never forget you. haha it was CLASSIC. So embarrassing but now everyone knows me. Every said I recovered pretty well from it though. Probably because I am used to being on the ground a lot. 
Okay now MIRACLES. This week Elder Allphin started teaching a FAMILY. Meaning a mom  a dad and THREE YOUNG WOMEN AGED GIRLS AHHHHHH! We got to have young women's with them yesterday and it was INCREDIBLE. We watched the Elaine S. Dalton talk We are Daughters of our Heavenly Father. Before we watched the talk we asked the girls to really focus on how they felt as they were watching it. Afterwards we asked them how they felt and they said that they felt so good. That they felt love. It was like a light had turned on behind their eyes. The spirit witnessed to them they were daughters of a Heavenly Being who knows them and loves them. They said they loved how Sora Dalton talked about our faith, and how if exercise our faith we can feel God's love. These girls are just so in touch with the spirit. They thought it was hilarious when I tripped in sacrament meeting, they all just busted up into giggles and they told us to come with the Elders to teach them! I am so pumped for them!
Okay now the HOTEL FLORA. This is a hotel in Constanta full of Nigerian students, studying engineering at some of the universities here. They are all incredibly intelligent and so in touch with the gospel. There was one member Shaddrack (They all have really cool names) who got baptized in Nigeria. He came to the branch here and so far THREE other guys have been baptized. Right now we are working with Mercy, she has a baptismal date for this month and we are pushing to have her ready. She had questions about how we know that this is the only true church and if she has already been baptized why does she need to be baptized again. We had the opportunity to testify to her (in English so weird) of the priesthood authority. As we testified I felt the spirit confirm to me that we do have the AUTHORITY OF GOD on the earth today. How incredible is that? Through that authority we can be cleansed from all of our sins and be renewed EACH week. Mercy, understood us and committed herself to reading the Book of Mormon and praying about this church. She came to church (she was the one that tripped me) and loved it. I am so excited for her, she is such a beautiful person. I cannot wait to teach her more and get her ready! 
Miracles are happening in Constanta. I LOVE IT HERE. Not to mention I run ON THE BEACH every morning and get to see the sunrise. I am in a beautiful city, with an incredible district, we are going to do some SERIOUS work this transfer I am pumped.
Jesus Christ lives. We have on earth today HIS restored gospel. I am so grateful for it!
Cu Drag,
Sora Armstrong

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