Friday, March 20, 2015

Another Crazy Week?!?!

This week was crazy! Constanta is awesome. We met the first member of romania ever he was baptized by elder utchdorf in germany during the communist times. Then president utchdorf told him he needed to come back and build up the church here so he did. We had 34 people in church this week and we started teaching a woman from moldova and she said she would prepare for baptism in april!!!! We are pumped about that. Two soras were added to constanta and yeah it is interesting. I am working on patience this transfer. The idea of patience is actually really really cool. I heard a quote that said that patience is accepting that there is a divine rhythm to life. Having patience isn't just enduring it is learning from our trials and coming to love the process of repentance. Constanta is a resort town but a lot of people live here also kind of like san diego
the area is nuts some awesome things are happening here everybody in the district is doing their best to be obedient and the miracles that are happening are incredible. we had 6 investigators in church yesterday! We teach a lot in english and so I am really worried about my romanian I liked how I was progressing in the language but I feel like I am losing it. Not good.
Our apartment is right on the water we run on the sand almost everyday and I LOVE IT!!!! 
This week we had a lesson with Mercy. She is awesome. She is preparing for baptism and had some questions about the Priesthood. Sora Sayre and I didn't feel like we could do it justice so we invited Elder Alston to come on our next lesson. He and his wife have been serving here for about a year and are INCREDIBLE. Elder Alston lives by the young missionaries standards, he has this awesome understanding of the bible and is a HUGE help to us teenagers out here. It was AMAZING!!!! He just sat there and taught with so much power about the priesthood, where it came from, how it works, why we need it. Then he gave her a blessing. HOLY COW! The spirit was tangible. He blessed her with the strength to continue to move towards baptism, he blessed her to be able to recognize the spirit as she studies and prays. I cannot explain with words how strongly I felt the spirit in that room. The priesthood is quite literally, the power of God given to men to do his work on this earth. Mercy was very doubtful about the necessity for baptism before the lesson but after you could just see that her doubts had been pacified. I know that our Heavenly Father loves each of us and is mindful of what we need. He wants each of us to move closer to him, no matter the stage of life we are in. Whether we go to church or have never heard of the bible He loves us. No matter where we are at, we can begin to grow closer to him simply by beginning to pray. This is my call to action for all you seniors couples trying to decide what to do with your life: COME TO ROMANIA!!!! The Lord needs you here. The Alston's are leaving and this mission will be have a huge hole in it because of their absence. Update me on your lives if you have time this week, I love hearing from everyone!
Va Iubesc,
Sora Armstrong

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