Wednesday, December 10, 2014

November 30, 2014

Hello Everyone,
Roberta's (who we meet with her once or twice a week) grandma tried to give me boots last week because we have the same size feet. She is praying everyday and writing in her journal, but we are planning on having at DTR with her about baptsim (DTR means Determing The Relationship). We need to figure out where her head is at and what her goal's are. We only meet with her, so I don't think her family is very interested but her grandma might be. Irina, the one that gave up coffee, cancelled our appointment yesterday and said she wouldn't have anytime to meet with us this week so that is not good. Her husband might be back from Germany so we have got to get in touch with her and figure that out. We did not meet with the taxi driver but we are going to go track her down. We did start meeting with a woman from English classes though I was actually the one to set up the appointment in Romanian so that was fun and I was so desperate to teach a lesson I just would not accept no for an answer. We got a return appointment from her so that is good. On Saturday night, we meet with Sora Pasol and just broke it down for her and told her how important it is that we come to church and how she needs to set that exaple for her daughter. in her prayer after the lesson she asked for forgiveness and committed to coming to church to Heavenly Father Sunday comes around it snows Sora Pasol doesn't freaking come so FRUSTRATING this is eternal salvation we are talking about come on humans pull it together. So yeah this week was a little rough teaching wise but I am happy Sora Barrera is great I am learning that my way is not the only right way to do things I know you have been trying to teach me that for 18 years but I am finally figuring things out. Thanksgiving dinner was incredible the sweet potatoes were great and the salads were amazing. I love you guys so much. Make sure Owie does his reading. Tell Luke I think he is stud! Oh and I love that talk by Elder Anderson we share it with a lot of less actives who need a reminder of the restoration. Isn't interesting who the devil knows that of he can shake our testimonies of Joseph Smith he can shake our very foundations of faith. You don't see a lot of negative stuff on the internet about other parts of the gospel that aren't so critical like fulfilling church calling but type in Joseph Smith in Google and Satan attacks you. That just shows how true it is there was another talk about Joseph Smith that said look for the biggest dust cloud and you find the most truth.
I love you all to the moon and back!

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