Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Brittany's Peoples

This is the sora that gave up coffee, she busied us all week on the phone which means ignored our calls we did not hear anything from her. Then we called her on Sunday and she was like oh yeah I was just super busy but we can meet this week. That is super frustrating but her husband is not back. So this week we are going to talk about how this gospel needs to take priority in her life. It just feels like people should understand that this is eternal life we are trying to help you out with but sometimes we just gotta connect the dots for people. We are praying for her to hear our message with an open heart.
We couldn't meet with Roberta either! Her phone was off all week and then when she could meet we couldn't but we did meet with her Grandma so that was interesting. People always think we are Adventist's for some reason so it always takes a little bit of time to clear up who we are with older people. But it was a good lesson and of we can get both of them coming to church they could strengthen each other.
Christina the baker
She is freaking great. We experienced a miracle with her this week! We got her to come to lunch with us on her day off. That morning we had studied in preach my gospel the three basic truths people need to know to start to form a testimony. Then while we were at lunch Christina who normally shuts us down if we start talking about God starting asking the exact questions preach my gospel said they needed to know. About Joseph Smith about Jesus Christ and about our purpose. THEN the miracles keep coming as we are leaving she asks where were going and we said the church the restaurant we had chosen to eat at had been strategically chosen because it is so close to the church. She said she would walk us there at the gate she tried to leave but I grabbed her arm and we kind of dragged her in but she came in with us!!!! It was kind of funny because Christina is gorgeous and all the elders were in the foyer and their jaws kinda dropped when we walked in with her. We showed her around the church showed her we were pretty normal and she liked it. We had set a goal on sunday to get her to walk into the church and we did! We were so pumped.
Sora Chirila's pies 
The crust is normal just like America it is flour sugar lemon zest butter, the biggest difference is they cook them on plates not in pie tins so they aren't as deep. It was super funny to bake with her. 
Singing at the Embassy
I love being around other missionaries. There is an interesting group here, lots of fun personalities we are always laughing. Elder Degraw, Sora Ghi and Elder Brundage did this awesome piece of love like a river and amazing grace it was so beautiful I felt the spirit in the American embassy in Bucharest, Romania. It was a pretty cool experience. Sora Trebas sang Emmanuel and killed it of course. It was weird hearing so much English.

MOM I found my family!!!!!! We went bloc knocking with Elder Baielli and Elder Allphin they took one building and we took the other. First seven doors no one answers. Eighth door this man opens up with tatoos we start giving our door approach and he says de unde sunteti we say america and he says come on in. We were SHOCKED I wish I had a picture of our faces it was so great. We walk in he has a wife and a 6 year old boy. We testified of Jesus Christ and we asked them if they had one question for God what would it be. From that we found out that Sora Moise that is their name is sick with multiple scolrosis. We testified of the atonement literally I smiled the entire time. We knelt in prayer with their FAMILY and the spirit was there. It was INCREDIBLE. We are going back to teach them today, Fratele Moise was so receptive he was cracking jokes but was sincerely answering and paying attention. It was a miracle finding this family. I know that the atonement of Jesus Christ can help them endure the trials that come from Sora Moise's sickness, I know that this gospel will strengthen their family and that Heavenly Father has prepared them to hear this message at this time. 

Life is good here in Romania, the city is decked out in Christmas lights I have never seen anything like it, all the buses play Christmas music and people are starting to make Sarmale. I am so pumped to spend Christmas here and learn about their traditions. Oh also transfers! Elder Baielli's going home which is so so so sad and Elder Brundage is an A.P. he will do awesome but we will miss him. So we are getting two new Elder's here in Ploiesti and Sora B will hit her year mark here in Ploiesti she has been here since her third transfer how crazy is that. 
Also I built a snow fort for the first time. It was so much fun and my coat kept me nice and warm. I am so blessed to spend another transfer here in this great city with my amazing trainer. I still have so much to learn from her! 

Love you to the moon and back!!
Sora Armstrong

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