Monday, March 14, 2016

Nope, Not Coming Home

So plans have changed, I will be staying Moldova for the rest of my life. Joking, but if it was an option it would be very very tempting.
This week has been full of lots of sweet goodbyes. I have been showered with lots of blessings, of health and to find a beautiful husband and have lots of children. If every blessing that has been wished upon me in the last week comes I have quite a beautiful life ahead of me.
I have been asking people for advice and I have gotten an awesome range of lots of different advice. Olga Cociu told to just stay who I am and be strong, Cris told me to study accounting and that who I decide to marry will be the most important decision in my life. He also said he would like to skype with him before I make my decision. Ines told me to just be happy and do what my heart tells me to do. Nina told me to skype her. Raisa told me to come back to Moldova and to apply myself to studies. My favorite and least expected advice came from my favorite the one and only Sora Gorgos. She told me to respect my mother-in-law, to take everything she says into account and then just do whatever I think of best but to tell my Mother-in-law that I will do what she says. She also said to keep whatever happens between me and my husband between us. I was expecting some great gospel advice like read your scriptures or always go to church and I got marriage advice! It was super funny. But hey it was pretty sound advice 

 Last night we were with Cris and Ines. I asked them how their lives have changed because of this gospel. Ines got this huge smile on her face and she said "we are more positive. We know our future is so bright because of our knowledge". It was beautiful. The declaration the we are "The Most Positive Mission on the Planet" has become more than a slogan for me. It has become my motto. It is something that I will apply for the rest of my life. It was a huge factor in the conversion of Cris and Ines, it turned them to this gospel. This gospel is a positive thing, it allows us to hold onto our hope for change. Being positive is not easy thing. It forces us to dispel fear and doubt when it would take a lot less energy to just wallow in them. It pushes us to turn to our Savior to allow his atonement to change us, even though that process of change requires us stretching ourselves. I have realized that while it is not easy, it is the most important thing. As we press forward with a positive attitude, we press forward with faith knowing that as we do all we can, God will make up the rest. Everything about the gospel pushes us to be positive. As we do the little things, as we rely on the little things like attacking the day, saying our sincere prayers, fasting, and serving others our outlook has to become more positive. We become convinced of the truths of this gospel and they give us a positive attitude. This positivity will change Romania and Moldova. I have seen it change the lives of my friends here as they have chosen to accept the positive change that the gospel can bring into their lives. I have also seen the sadness that returns when they choose to reject it. It is our job as the Lord's servant here to declare this positive message to everyone we come into contact with. In turn as we lose ourselves declaring this positive message it solidifies in us. It becomes a way of life for us. No matter where I am for the rest of my life I will declare this message. The gospel of Jesus Christ is positive. It is true and it will change us if we choose to let it.
I know that God loves the people of Romania and Moldova. I have prayed everyday to feel it for them and He has blessed me with the energy and ability to serve them. My heart is breaking as I leave, but I move forward with a positive attitude knowing that His plan and His way is always so much better then mine.
See ya soon and much love,
Sora Armstrong

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