Thursday, November 27, 2014

Thanksgiving Week

Happy 50th Anniversary Gma and Grandpa!
Okay so our investigator that gave up coffee does not have a baptism date because she is waiting for the man that she has been living with for 25 years and has two children with to get back from Germany where he is working. But she is incredible. Her faith just makes me smile, that is really the only way I can describe it. She has questions and does her research but in her heart she knows it is true and she is willing to do whatever it takes to prepare for baptism. It is a humbling path to walk with someone sometimes I just ask Heavenly Father "are you sure you want me to be the one doing this?" I just feel like I don't even understand the atonement and yet that is what I have to help this woman understand. Heavenly Father loves his missionaries and he knows my inadequacies. I know that I am not the one doing the actual teaching so even if I do mess up the Holy Ghost has my back. 
Okay yesterday was probably one of the best days of my mission. We left the apartment a little early to print out some conference talks at the church then we headed for Roberta's home, our thirteen year old  investigator that we are doing personal progress with. Roberta has this dog it is a mix of all the mean dog breeds like Rottweiler etc all put into one dog so basically it is evil. It is normally changed to a heavy object and everytime we walk past I think wow i am glad that dog is chained up. yesterday it was not. We walk into thier yard thing don't think american front yard think lots of mud and trash and stuff and the dog is roaming around. I was terrified Sora Barrera and I just stopped in our tracts. Well it must thought I was a threat because it starts sniffing towards and JUMPS!!! It attacked me from my left side I went to kind of hit it away and bit 
my wrist. The bite just left some marks on my skin 
though nothing crazy and then it walks away like no big deal so I'm like okay now I will just book it for the building so I sprint towards the door not looking at the dog and the dog sprints at me. Sora Barrera screams and I go sprinting into Roberta's apartment type home I beat the dog to the door and Roberta's grandma went out and tied it up. Sora Barrera told me to never do that ever again. I though it was hilarious. Then we had an incredible lesson with Roberta about the power of prayer and faith. Then we headed for Sora Violeta's villa. She is a less active that we visit every week that has actually been coming to church which is awesome she just lives kind of far. So my feet froze literally I lost feeling in them at 11:30 in the morning and did not regain feeling until we were on the train to Bucharest at 6:00 that night. Anyway as we were leaving Sora Violeta's I ate it on a patch of ice. There is ice all over Ploiesti now which is sad 
because it means no more running... except from dogs. Anyway I have never really experienced ice on the ground so I fell right on my bum and I have a gnarly bruise. Then we went and taught another super cute investigator that is 26 and works in bakery she is awesome but terrified of church so we are working through that. Then we went to Sora Chirela's home and she showed us how to make apple pie and she feed us dinner and she gave us two desserts. Basically I never want to leave Ploesti and here is why my day was amazing. Yes I got bit by a dog, yes I slipped on ice, yes I couldn't feel my feet for the majority of the day but I was so HAPPY. I felt this joy that nothing could quench. That joy is Christ our Savior. I am his representative right now and no amount of ice or dogs can take the joy that comes from serving him away. The church is doing some INCREDIBLE campaigns starting tomorrow. SHARE them!!!! Share it through facebbok share it 
through the hash tag on insta share it with your words and ACTIONS!!! And I promise this holiday season will take on a whole new meaning for you.
FAM BAM you are incredible I am so grateful for each and everyone of your examples. Thank you and thank Heavenly Father for our family. 
I love you all. 
Sora Armstrong

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