Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Week #1 MTC

puh-dince of puh-duhsia
Buna Ziua!
I can happily say I now know more than just that phrase in Romanian, but I still really need your prayers. Life is so good! Romanian is not easy, but I can do it. I've always enjoyed hard things. On Thursday, I was having a way hard time and my teacher had me say puh-dince of pud-disha like a million times and now I can do it. How sick is that? We have class for about six hours a day then we study for another 3 hours. I am finding that I needed to reminded a lot about the simple truths of the gospel. I also realized that I probably got sent to Romania because I need to talk a lot less and listen to the spirit a lot more. Oh and anytime the letters au are next to each other it sounds like "ow" I have that noise down because it is exactly how Baby Owen says it how awesome is that? Me and my colege are teaching a fake investigator right now and even though we aren't always positive what he is saying the spirit is so strong in our lessons. The spirit her is tangible and it overcomes me and comforts me whenever I need it most. I'm learning how to not compare myself because some people are getting romanian quicker than I am. 
The MTC is great I am proud to say that I have broken the pull up record in the gym with 9 pull ups and plan to up that number in the next six weeks. Also I am expanding my horizons, my colege dragged me to choir so I am now in the MTC choir and i am perfecting my lip syncing skills.
I have a testimony that prayer works, heavenly father has blessed me so much and answered all of my prayers in the last 7 days. The food here is okay I pretty much have salad for every meal which  enjoy. I think I ate so much cantalope the first couple of days that the citrus like burned my mouth or something it was worth it though. 
Sunday was incredible we got to watch the Ogden temple Dedication and when sweet President Monson spoke the spirit punched me and said "that is a prophet of the Lord". It was Awesome! We also watch an old MTC devotional of Elder Bednar's that was called character of christ, try and find it because it was amazing. It is all about denying the cookie monster inside all of us to turn out and serve others. So instead of "turning up" I am now "turning out" haha get it? Thank you for all the prayers! I love you all so much, pray for missionary opportunities. Last night Elder Ballard gave a devotional and said if you were truly converted to this gospel and have felt the true love of Christ. You would not be able to interact with a single person without mentioning what you know to be true and that is the gospel of Jesus Christ. Stiu ca evanghelia lui isus hristos este adeverat si Dumnezeu dragoste toti. I know the gospel of jesus christ is true and that God loves all.
Iubesc to the moon and back 
Sora Armstrong

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  1. It sounds like she is doing it right and drinking in the amazing Spirit that fills the MTC. I love that she is taking advantage of every opportunity to "expand horizons." Singing in the MTC choir was one of the highlights when I was there. So awesome to hear about her adventures and growth. Keep 'em coming!!